Discover the Dry Brush: the Body Stone's other half.

Complete Mini Sampler set with a Daily Stone Mini, a Sleep Stone Mini, and a Naked Stone Mini.
Woman holding up her hair to display her neck and upper back
Complete Mini Sampler set with three stacked boxes next to a Kate McLeod muslin travel bag
Two open hands, one holding a Body Stone and one holding a Body Stone Mini.
Kate McLeod Body Stone and Body Stone Mini displayed against cloth background

Mini Sampler Set

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Perfect for on-the-go moisture or discovering the perfect full size Stone for you. Our beloved Body Stone Mini is 1.5 oz and its multi-purpose uses are as brilliant as our full size Stone... highly concentrated nourishment for hands, lips, and any other bits that need a little extra tenderness when traveling.

Each Mini comes packaged in a recyclable box. Includes best sellers from our core collection: 1 Daily Stone Mini, 1 Sleep Stone Mini, and 1 Naked Stone Mini.

Customer Reviews

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LOVE all of them. Use them every day!


Love it!!! Feels great, smells great.

Perfect for people who have dry skin but HATE lotions

I have dry skin but HATE the way moisturizers feel on my skin. These are perfect. Provides the BEST moisturizing effect I have ever had and does NOT feel greasy. I just wish the mini's had a sturdier carrying case. A mini bamboo case would be PERFECT! Fragrance is so subtle to be almost not there.

So smooth!

These little “lotion stones” are great! Take a little getting used to but they go on smooth and I stay hydrated all day! Love them!

Stone in LOVE

I ordered the minis just to try a smattering of the product line. Once it arrived I dove into the package and explored the incredible adventure of scent , texture and a few other senses that the stone ignited. I gifted one of the minis to a friend who also fell in love and will be buying the product for gifts Thank you so much for your talent