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Product FAQ

What are Body Stones made of?

All of our Body Stones are made using the same five core ingredients: cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, and fractionated coconut oil. The base oils lower the melting point of the cocoa butter, making our Body Stones melt on contact with skin in a way you have to feel to understand.

The Naked Stone and Mama Stone use our five core ingredients only. No essential oils. They are safe for use both on and inside your body (i.e., as a sensual lubricant, for use in perineal massage, or as a nipple balm during breastfeeding). The Naked Stone uses unrefined, raw cocoa butter and has natural notes of vanilla and cacao. The Mama Stone uses refined, deodorized cocoa butter and has no scent - perfect for sensitive noses.

Our Daily Stone and Sleep Stone contain essential oils. Our best selling Daily Stone contains rose, frankincense, and neroli. Our Sleep Stone contains chamomile and lavender. While these Body Stones have aromatherapeutic benefits, they should only be used on the body’s surface. They should never be ingested or used inside your body (i.e., they are not appropriate as a sensual lubricant, for use in a perineal massage, or as a nipple balm during breastfeeding).

What is the difference between base oils and essential oils?

Base oils (also known as carrier oils) are mild, unscented vegetable oils derived from the fattier parts of the plant (i.e., seeds, kernels, nuts). These are the types of oils you can eat and cook with. In general, base oils are mild and typically a bit thick and oily in texture.

Essential oils are extremely concentrated and possess medicinal qualities. They are typically thin, non-oily, and possess strong but beautiful aromas. They should always be diluted in a base oil; they should never be applied in pure form. Essential oils are distilled from the "essence" of the plant (i.e., leaves, bark, roots, stems, flowers). And it is believed that this essence passes on benefits to the user. For example, frankincense oil, which is distilled from tree sap, heals and restores our bodies and minds just as it heals the tree’s bark.

Where are Body Stones made?

Kate started making Body Stones at home in her Williamsburg kitchen. Kate still oversees the hand pouring of each Body Stone at our Hudson Valley production facility, which we affectionately call the “Butter Atelier” after our main ingredient, cocoa butter.

Are your products vegan?

Yes, our products are 100% vegan, with absolutely no animal testing. We are certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny. You can learn more about Leaping Bunny certification program here: https://www.leapingbunny.org/

Are your products gluten-free?

Yes, our products are gluten-free.

Who may be sensitive to your products?

Please do not use this product if you have, or think you may have, a nut allergy or a chocolate allergy. Our products contain nut oils and cocoa butter and should not be used by consumers with nut and/or chocolate allergies.

How do I apply my Body Stone?

Body Stones can be applied in five easy steps:

Start with dry skin: Our Body Stones may look like soap, but they should not be used with water. Start with dry skin, preferably after you've taken a nice hot bath or shower.

Warm in your hands: Our Body Stones have a melting point that is roughly equivalent to human body temperature. This means that they melt on contact with skin in a way you have to feel to understand. Prep your stone for use by warming in your hands for a few seconds before applying.

Stroke once or twice: Our Body Stones are packed with hydrating base oils, so less is more. Use sparingly for a smooth application - one or two strokes on each body part will get your skin the loving care it needs.

Massage into skin: Take some time to massage the oils into your skin, and let your skin dry before putting on clothes. We don't add alcohols to our formulas, as they can be drying and increase skin’s oiliness over time. This makes us different from the majority of lotion makers, who add alcohol to produce a "quick dry" effect.

Finally, admire: Our Body Stones deliver deep nourishment to your skin that you can see – and inner benefits you can feel. Take an intentioned moment of self-care with your Stone. It's everyday magic that will help you come into your most grounded, content self.

How do I incorporate my Body Stone into my daily routine?

The Kate McLeod Team likes to apply the Body Stone right after showering, as you would with traditional lotion. Ensure that your body is toweled dry before applying, use sparingly, and give yourself some time to massage the oil into your skin before putting on clothes. 

How long does each Body Stone typically last?

This depends on how much you use your Body Stone, but on average a Stone typically lasts 4-6 weeks. Our formula is water-free, with over 80% cocoa butter and nourishing base oils. By contrast, your average lotion bottle uses 2-3% cocoa butter and dilutes with tons of water. Consider us highly concentrated nourishment for your skin. 

What is the shelf life of a Body Stone? Are there any special storage requirements?

Our Body Stones have a 2 year shelf life. 

We recommend re-wrapping your Body Stone in its muslin cloth after each use and storing it in our signature Bamboo Canister, if you’ve purchased one. Bamboo makes an ideal storage environment for our Stones, as it provides insulation from water and protection from heat. Body Stones should not be placed in direct sunlight or exposed to extreme heat. Body Stones should also be kept dry and should not be used with water.

Are Body Stones safe to use during pregnancy?

Our Mama Stone and Naked Stone do not contain essential oils and therefore are safe to use during pregnancy. That said, we always recommend reviewing your beauty and cosmetic products with your physician to ensure these products align with their medical guidance regarding your pregnancy.

What is that white stuff on my Body Stone? Is it mold? Should I be concerned?

Have you ever seen a white-ish tint or shadow on chocolate? That’s fat bloom, a naturally occurring property of cocoa butter. Just like cellulite or stretch marks, this is a natural imperfection you should embrace - both in your Body Stones and in yourself.

My Body Stone just broke into pieces after multiple uses. What do I do now?

Embrace the broken bits - even the smallest Body Stone pieces can be worked into the body for magical effects. And when you get to the very end of your Stone, draw yourself a hot bath and toss in the remaining bits. They’ll melt, you’ll soak - truly, it’s glorious! You’ll emerge moisturized, rejuvenated, and unbelievably soft.