“What are you putting on your skin?” My sister-in-law Deb grabbed the lotion bottle out of my hands and threw it in the trash. Handing me a tin of raw, rock-hard cocoa butter shards, she smiled and said, “Go get to know your body.” I rolled my eyes. I had no idea what she meant.

I looked at the cocoa butter and tried warming it in my hands. It didn’t melt and it tugged at my skin but slowly I was able to work it onto my body.  The overnight transformation was remarkable. Scales and flakes had healed, bumps and irritations had calmed, and my dry yogi feet felt nourished. It was the best moisturizer I had ever used. But there had to be an easier way to apply it. I wanted it to glide on smoothly - no harsh rubbing.

As a former bakery owner and pastry chef, I didn’t know skincare, but I knew food. So I brought the cocoa butter into my kitchen and dug into my pantry. I blended in my favorite oils: sweet almond, apricot kernel, avocado, and fractionated coconut. I worked with a local sculptor to create a stone shape that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.  

And I discovered that I could make my cocoa butter stones melt on contact with skin in a way you have to feel to understand. I started sharing my kitchen creations with friends as “skin food” and was told they looked edible. They were.

I’ve spent the past year developing BODY STONES - natural, simple, and in my kitchen. I’ve learned that cocoa butter is an incredible natural preservative (hence no moldy chocolate) and that moisturizers don’t need added preservatives, synthetics, or other chemicals. We are completely plant based, packaged in sustainably farmed, reusable bamboo canisters. And we’re beautiful.

Deb’s message was simple. Whatever you put on your body, you may as well be putting in your mouth. And when you take the time to feel your skin, touch your body, and KNOW YOUR SELF, you feel better - about yourself, your body, and your life.  

BODY STONES are my daily ritual, my self-care practice - and I’m so happy to share them with you. Applying a STONE is like putting on armor, a self-care body shield. It’s magic. Confidence boosting, power-fueling magic. And that is what this is about.


Our formulas are proudly mixed-from-scratch, using ingredients you can find in your kitchen.


Cocoa Butter

Meet skin’s super hydration hero. Rich in polyphenol and flavanoid antioxidants, cocoa butter helps combat cell damage, healing and soothing all skin types. It has the power to lock in moisture and calm inflammation from the inside out.

Think of cocoa butter as the fuel to power a beaming glow. Restoring, softening, and comforting from head to toe. Apply to every inch of you - especially areas that need extra TLC. Wonderful for scars and stretch marks.

Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil is gentle yet powerful. Mild and hypoallergenic, this base oil nourishes the entire family, from the youngest newborn to the wisest granny. Packed with vitamins A, B, E, K, and zinc, sweet almond oil prevents acne, alleviates dark under eye circles, and acts as a natural remedy for eczema. Light enough to be applied throughout the day, but rich enough to calm and comfort after a hot evening bath or shower.

Apricot Kernel Oil

Rich in essential fatty acids known for smoothing and improving skin’s texture, this base oil is our in-house favorite. Also, apricot oil is surprisingly un-oily. Super light, it penetrates your skin immediately, leaving you soft but never greasy. Rich in vitamins A, C, and E, it is perfect for dry, sensitive, or mature skin. Pick up a bottle next time you’re at the grocery store - and keep an eye out for apricot kernels in the dried foods aisle. They look like little almonds but taste much sweeter!

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is thick and heavy. Don’t worry, we use it sparingly in our BODY STONES, and a little goes a long way.  This super rich emollient absorbs more slowly than our other base oils but drenches your skin in thiamin, riboflavin, and vitamins A and D. It’s our most powerful base oil - and wonderful as an all natural eye makeup remover.

Fractionated Coconut Oil

Okay, let’s talk about this one. Our BODY STONES are made using fractionated coconut oil, also known as medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. Regular coconut oil (the stuff you know as solid at room temperature) has medium and long chains. Medium chains can easily absorb through human skin. The long chains not so much - they can leave you feeling greasy. A simple spin separates the two, giving us fractionated coconut oil, a feather light emollient that softens and hydrates dry skin without the grease.



Rose Absolute comes from the musky scented flowers of Rosa damascena and Rosa centifolia of Morocco and Turkey. It enriches the "inner feminine," warms emotional coolness, restores intimacy, and calms feelings of anger and frustration while soothing away stress.


Originating from the arid climates of North Africa and Oman, frankincense brings peace, ushers in balance, and encourages a meditative state. Used for centuries in aiding spiritual understanding and awareness, the oil begins as a resin that oozes out of damaged tree bark. The resin is like a human scab, it heals the tree.  The oil is thought to possess and pass on the same healing properties, making Frankincense one of the most rejuvenating, deeply healing essential oils for the body and soul.


Distilled from the flowers of the bitter orange tree, Neroli’s aroma is rich, sweet, and citrusy.  It is thought to aide in releasing deep held insecurities while inviting peace and harmony. Good for digestive health and wonderful for treating restless sleep and insomnia.


Lavender calms emotional anxiety and encourages compassion and gentleness towards ourselves and others.  The stems and leaves possess a camphoraceous, almost medicinal smell, while the flowers are soft, floral, and sweet.


The word ‘chamomile’ originates from two Greek words: chamai, meaning ‘on the ground,’ and melon, meaning ‘apple.’  Low growing, possessing an apple-like aroma, chamomile is fresh and soft-smelling. Promoting a sense of innocence and childlike spontaneity, it enables the simple expression of one’s own personal truth.  In that simplicity and innocence, chamomile is perfect for bedtime.


No preservatives   •   No synthetics   •   No alcohols   •   No parabens   •   No additives


We are passionate about our mission: delivering everyday luxury with self-made, self-care products that are fundamentally good for you.


Few founders in today’s e-commerce environment know exactly what goes into their products, using contract manufacturers, consultants, and stock formulations to make “versions of the same.” We believe that knowing how to make things yourself is the greatest pledge of quality you can give to your customer. We are proud supporters of “intentional manufacturing.” We care so much about what goes into our products that we are present and in the room to see what goes into every batch. We use batch tracking and ingredient traceability to provide full transparency to our customers.


Our society is increasingly focused on taking care of our bodies: through diet, exercise, the products we apply. Yet we are constantly surprised by how many people have lost touch with their bodies: the physical feeling of skin beneath their fingers. The quiet, mindful moments that can come from spending time touching, feeling, and knowing your body’s surface. Our brand promotes the power of touch for self-care, including anxiety relief, pain management, sexual awareness, and body monitoring (e.g., breast self-exams).


Kate McLeod, Co-Founder and Formulator

has a diverse professional background. While passionate about working with her hands from an early age, she stubbornly pursued a traditional first career on a rates trading desk. Her time in finance quickly brought to light her innate need for creativity. She pursued her love of food in culinary school and opened and ran a small bakery in London. When love brought her back to New York, she quickly found herself immersed in the yoga world where she focused on energy and essential oils. BODY STONES are a culmination of everything she loves, everything she has learned, and everything she wants to share.

Kate is a graduate of Wellesley College and the Courtauld Institute.

Nichola Gray, Co-Founder

has over 6 years of experience in strategy and operations. Before joining Kate McLeod as a co-founder, she was a manager at Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company), where she led strategy engagements with Fortune 500 clients across a variety of industries. Nichola's struggle with infertility forced her to look more critically at the products she was putting on her body. This experience sparked a desire to build a brand that was truly innovative in its approach to non-toxic formulation and manufacturing. With help from a mutual friend (and a healthy amount of good luck), she found Kate!

Nichola is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Columbia Business School.