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Summer Weather Advisory

Body Stones are made to soften on contact with your skin, which means they can melt with prolonged exposure to summer heat. We are proudly plastic-free, so we do not ship with wasteful freezer packs. Instead, we encourage you to join us in our commitment to sustainability and shop responsibly:

-- Ship your package to an address where somebody will be available to accept the delivery

-- Be mindful of your average delivery time - if it's later in the day - delivery trucks are not air conditioned and your Stones can melt while out for delivery

-- Bring your package inside as soon as you receive your delivery confirmation e-mail

-- Don’t let your package sit in direct sunlight on a porch or in a mailbox (both can turn into an oven in the summer sun!)

-- Didn’t catch it in time? If your Stone feels soft to the touch, we recommend popping your Body Stone into the fridge for 30 minutes of chill time.

On our end, we work hard to ensure your package arrives to you in optimal condition:

-- We provide complimentary shipping upgrades for our States mentioned below as needed to minimize travel time, absorbing these additional costs for our customers

If you live in the following states or territories, we recommend stocking up before summer; please order at your own risk from June - September, as we cannot offer refunds if your product arrives melted: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Guam, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Virgin Islands, West Virginia, other U.S. territories, and international destinations outside of the U.S. 

We will automatically pause subscriptions for loyal Kate McLeod subscribers who live in hot weather states from June - September.

To avoid disappointment, we recommend reaching out to us at with any concerns you have about melting before you place your order. We are happy to help!