Taking Action in Uncertain Times: Our Response to COVID-19

Like so many other small businesses, we have been impacted by COVID-19. Our team is working hard to continue operations while doing everything we can to slow the spread of the virus - and support communities in need. 

We’re answering commonly asked questions here, and we will keep this page updated. E-mail us at support@katemcleod.com if you have any further questions or concerns. We are here for you.

Is Kate McLeod still accepting and fulfilling orders?

  • Yes. Our warehouse remains stocked with Body Stones and we’ll continue to ship orders / fulfill subscriptions with our existing inventory.

    Why are so many Kate McLeod items on backorder?

    • Our Body Stones are produced in small, hand poured batches. We took immediate action in early March to keep our team safe and temporarily closed our Brooklyn production facility (affectionately known as the “Butter Atelier”). Our team has been working from home, and we are fully compensating our hourly workers during the downtime. We will not resume production until we feel it is safe to do so. Our team’s health comes first.
    • We have enabled backorders to continue to support our team and our donation efforts. We guarantee that we will fulfill all backorders - or your money back. We are also allowing customers to cancel impacted orders. E-mail support@katemcleod.com at any time.
    • If your order includes both in stock and backordered items, we will automatically split your shipment so that you get your in stock items sooner. We will absorb any additional shipping costs from split shipments, with no extra cost to you.

      How is Kate McLeod supporting communities in need?

      • We donated 20% of our April gross sales to World Central Kitchen to support their work delivering fresh meals to communities in need, feeding frontline healthcare workers, and putting restaurants back to work. Kate is a former pastry chef, and our production team is staffed with fellow chefs. We are proud to support the #ChefsForAmerica movement to help our community put food on the table. Thank you to all of our customers who helped us making this donation possible.
      • We partnered with Donate Beauty and donated 300 Mini Body Stones (over 50% of our remaining Mini stock) to hospital workers on the front lines. As these heroes protect themselves and patients from infection, the medical masks and strict sanitization protocols are wreaking havoc on their skin and causing chafing and extreme dryness that makes a very taxing job even harder. We’re hoping our Minis will provide relief, comfort, and a moment of self care.

      What are Kate McLeod’s safety and sanitation practices?

      • All Body Stones being shipped were produced and packaged prior to our shutdown in March 2020. We take a kitchen-grade approach to production and have strict sanitation protocols and procedures in place since we launched our business in 2018.
      • Our warehouse staff is currently following all CDC guidelines, including wearing face masks and gloves when packing orders for shipment. Additionally, our staff is following a policy of one person on the floor at any given time.

      Did Kate McLeod receive an SBA loan?

      • We applied for and received an Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) to support our ability to pay our hourly workers during the downtime and pay operating costs associated with a production facility we aren't able to use. We are so grateful to have received government relief, as we know so many small businesses are struggling.
      • However, the government loan only covered a small portion of our costs. We remain committed to compensating our hourly workers in full during the downtime. This is why your ongoing support means so much to us!

      Thank you for your patience with our small, mom-owned business during this time. We are all in this together.