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Complete Mini Sampler set with a Daily Stone Mini, a Sleep Stone Mini, and a Naked Stone Mini.
Woman holding up her hair to display her neck and upper back
Complete Mini Sampler set with three stacked boxes next to a Kate McLeod muslin travel bag
Two open hands, one holding a Body Stone and one holding a Body Stone Mini.
Kate McLeod Body Stone and Body Stone Mini displayed against cloth background

Mini Sampler Set

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Perfect for on-the-go moisture or discovering the perfect full size Stone for you. Our beloved Body Stone Mini is 1.5 oz and its multi-purpose uses are as brilliant as our full size Stone... highly concentrated nourishment for hands, lips, and any other bits that need a little extra tenderness when traveling.

Each Mini comes packaged in a recyclable box. Includes best sellers from our core collection: 1 Daily Stone Mini, 1 Sleep Stone Mini, and 1 Naked Stone Mini.

Body Stones are made to melt on contact with your skin, which means they can also melt when exposed to extreme heat. We recommend reviewing our Summer Weather Advisory and closely monitoring shipping updates to ensure your item arrives in optimal condition.

Customer Reviews

Based on 174 reviews
Patricia M.

I also purchased a dry brush and the bristles have started to fall out. One hole is completely gone. That was disappointing. I have enjoyed using the body stones they do leave your skin very soft Thank you :)

Kathleen S.
So smooth!

I like the size of the full size body stone better, but the minis are a great travel size and it was a nice way to try out the different stones. I like the naked stone best but my mom likes the sleep stone. My skin feels so smooth, I love it and I’m so happy the packaging is zero plastic.

Victoria S.
Mini Sampler Set is a great way to experience the Body Stones!

I'm generally apprehensive to buy full size if the product is something unusual to me and fragrance descriptions don't cut it for me. So buying a mini set of the Daily, Sleep, and Naked stones was the best way for me to try them out!

The mini stone is enough for a few uses, just enough time to become accustomed to using a solid moisturizer. The only downside I've experienced is a similar struggle to bar soap becoming too small to handle, so I just melt plenty in my hand rather than rubbing the shrinking bar on my skin.

The fragrances are subtle and linger. To me, not strong enough to use in place of a perfume but strong enough that I have no desire to mix a perfume fragrance with it.

I am impressed by the absence of plastic packaging and use of minimal, easily identifiable ingredients. My skin is left soft and well-moisturized for the whole day! Because the moisturizer sits on my skin longer than the lotions I'm used to, I put on loose clothing so I don't rub it onto my furniture or bedding and save the experience for bedtime or if I'm not planning on leaving the house.

Corri K.

Life-changing! Love the smell and ease of use! Makes me feel luxurious and rich.

Robin S.
Feels incredible good!

Only thing is that I like to put it on before bed and it does leave some color on my sheets.