Discover the Dry Brush: the Body Stone's other half.

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Bamboo Canister

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Our Kate McLeod Signature Bamboo Canister provides easy, beautiful storage. It will keep your Body Stone dry and cool in your bathroom, on your nightstand, or in your carry on. Purchase once and refill over time with your favorite full-size Body Stone. 

This accessory purchase does not include a Body Stone. Body Stones must be purchased separately. 

Customer Reviews

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It feels great. Not only does my skin feel more moisturized, I smell faintly of chocolate afterwa...

I'm glad it came wrapped in that muslin or burlap. I wrap the cloth around the stone when applying, so my hands stay less greasy until the stone is applied to them last.
At the present rate of loss, looks like I'll need another in about a month.
Love the smell.
I'm the husband, by the way.

I love this!

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My fiancé loves his lotion stone he uses it daily. Best gift ever!

A Lovely Product

I have dry skin and a dislike of body lotions. The body stone moisturizes my skin without feeling that I have put a coating on my skin. It also feels like a treat I am giving myself. I have purchased so many lotions and oils that I would never purchase again, but this is not the case with the body stone. I love it.

Even better than the reviews!

I read some glowing reviews about the Body Stone but really was convinced to take the self care plunge because I was attracted by the fact that there were no plastic containers to throw out. I wondered how a stone could spread like lotion but with a little body heat, it slides right on. I am logging on to buy a three pack after I write this.