Discover the Dry Brush: the Body Stone's other half.

Image of the Kate McLeod Grounding Stone
Woman holding Kate McLeod Body Stone against her bare shoulder
Two Kate McLeod Grounding Stone packaging options: a bamboo canister and a box
Grounding Stone Bamboo Canister with Kate McLeod logo displayed on the front side wrapper
Grounding Stone Bamboo Canister with ingredients displayed on the backside wrapper
Kate McLeod Grounding Stone inside an open bamboo canister
Green Grounding Stone box with Kate McLeod logo in orange.
Grounding Stone wrapped in cloth, inside a Kate McLeod box that is slid open.
Grounding Stone box next to a Kate McLeod muslin travel bag.
Grounding Stone Mini box next to a Kate McLeod muslin travel bag.

Grounding Stone

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The Grounding Stone encourages you to reconnect and refocus. With rich, woody vetiver to support a meditative mind, and zesty bergamot to restore balance, the Grounding Stone will help you find your center with an intentioned moment. This Stone features Kate’s personal favorite essential oil blend.

What is it?

A Body Stone is a solid moisturizer that intensely nourishes all skin types. Solid at room temperature, it softens when it comes into contact with warm, dry skin. As you smooth it over your body, it melts and absorbs, leaving skin soft, supple and glowing. Use daily for a magic moment of self care.

  • MADE SAFE™ certified
  • Leaping Bunny cruelty-free certified
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Vegan friendly
  • Not suitable for consumers with nut allergies
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A GIF of someone removing a Kate McLeod Body Stone from a bamboo container and applying it to their wrist

A new way to moisturize.

  1. Start with dry skin
  2. Warm in your hands
  3. Stroke once or twice
  4. Massage into skin
  5. Finally, admire

Essential Oils

  • Ingredient name - Vetiver Vetiver
  • Ingredient name - Bergamot Bergamot

Core Ingredients

  • Ingredient name - Cocoa Butter Cocoa Butter
  • Ingredient name - Sweet Almond Oil Sweet Almond Oil
  • Ingredient name - Apricot Kernel Oil Apricot Kernel Oil
  • Ingredient name - Avocado Oil Avocado Oil
  • Ingredient name - Fractionated Coconut Oil Fractionated Coconut Oil

How to Apply a Body Stone

How to Apply a Body Stone

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Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Loved the stone, but wish it lasted longer

Really loved the smell and feel of the Body Stone. Mine only lasted about 4 weeks, I was hoping it would last longer. I found that towards the end of the stone, it tended to break apart, and was more difficult to use. Most of the stone’s life, it was very easy to use, and left my skin feeling great. Especially love the plastic free packaging.

The Best

The experience of using the stone is so soothing. It has definitely become a cherished part of my day. Never going back to cold, goopy, impersonal lotion!

Love it!

I love the body stone. It is not as sticky as regular bottled lotion so I can put my clothes on right after using it. It smells wonderful (natural smelling not synthetic) and it feels wonderful on my skin. I suffer from dry skin year round and this stone has worked wonderfully. I love it so much that I bought my mom one for Mother’s Day. I think she will love it, too!

Love It! Small Grounding Stone

I really like it, nice pleasant smell.
I rub it between my hands to warm it up, then I use it on my arms and legs, rubbing in the lotion more. If you don't rub it in it will sit on your skin, kind of like chapstick. I do repeat the "warming up" between my hands procedure.
I really like how my skin feels afterwards it does feel nice!

Absolutely love my body stones!

I use them almost every day before I shower. It leaves my skin silky smooth and moisturized. Plus its convenient!