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Image of the Kate McLeod Mama Stone
Woman holding a baby and applying Body Stone to the baby's back
Two Kate McLeod Mama Stone packaging options: a bamboo canister and a box
Mama Stone Bamboo Canister with Kate McLeod logo displayed on the front side wrapper
Mama Stone Bamboo Canister with ingredients displayed on the backside wrapper
Kate McLeod Mama Stone inside an open bamboo canister
Green Mama Stone box with Kate McLeod logo in orange.
Mama Stone wrapped in cloth, inside a Kate McLeod box that is slid open.
Mama Stone box next to a Kate McLeod muslin travel bag.
Mama Stone Mini box next to a Kate McLeod muslin travel bag.

Mama Stone

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Our purest, unscented stone - perfect for the most sensitive skin and noses. Safe for pregnant and nursing mamas and gentle enough for the newest newborn. Kate uses her Mama Stone on her son Ollie daily after bath time as part of his nighttime routine.

Body Stones are made to melt on contact with your skin, which means they can also melt when exposed to extreme heat. We recommend reviewing our Summer Weather Advisory and closely monitoring shipping updates to ensure your item arrives in optimal condition.

What is it?

A Body Stone is a solid moisturizer that intensely nourishes all skin types. Solid at room temperature, it softens when it comes into contact with warm, dry skin. As you smooth it over your body, it melts and absorbs, leaving skin soft, supple and glowing. Use daily for a magic moment of self care.

  • MADE SAFE™ certified
  • Leaping Bunny cruelty-free certified
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Vegan friendly
  • Not suitable for consumers with nut allergies
A GIF of someone removing a Kate McLeod Body Stone from a bamboo container and applying it to their wrist

A new way to moisturize.

  1. Start with dry skin
  2. Warm in your hands
  3. Stroke once or twice
  4. Massage into skin
  5. Finally, admire

Core Ingredients

  • Ingredient name - Cocoa Butter Cocoa Butter
  • Ingredient name - Sweet Almond Oil Sweet Almond Oil
  • Ingredient name - Apricot Kernel Oil Apricot Kernel Oil
  • Ingredient name - Avocado Oil Avocado Oil
  • Ingredient name - Fractionated Coconut Oil Fractionated Coconut Oil

How to Apply a Body Stone

How to Apply a Body Stone

How to apply a body stone instructional video thumbnail

Customer Reviews

Based on 142 reviews
TOTAL fan!

I hate lotion. But I moved from western Washington to central Washington, which meant moving from near-constant drizzle to near-constant sun + wind. My normally hydrated skin shriveled to raisin consistency, so the search was on for some kind of lotion that didn’t suck. Thankfully I found body stones! I love them, am now on a subscription so I never run out and have gifted them to so many people, who also love them. I recently gave body stones as gifts at my daughter’s baby shower. You’ve created a truly wonderful product and I’m grateful to never have to use a nasty, sticky, itch-inducing lotion again.

Lauren R.
Really enjoy the overall experience - great product that’s easy to apply and leaves my skin smooth.

Will buy again. However, I don’t think it will last as long as advertised. Love the unscented mama stone! I am postpartum and it is giving me a much needed moment of luxury.

Kathie F.
Soft, smooth from the moment the stone leaves your hand and glides onto your skin.

I loved the way it was not oily and seemed to sink in to my really dry areas .love it. I gave my second one to my favorite nurse.


Love my Mama Body Stone! I have sensitive skin and very dry hands that no other lotion would heal. The Body Stone has my hands looking healthy again!

Love this stone!

I ordered this stone because it's my favorite scent--unscented! This is wonderful! It's easy to use and gives my skin just the right amount of shine. The hydration lasts all day. I can't wait until it's cooler so I can order it again.