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Butter Atelier

We hand pour each Body Stone with love in our Butter Atelier, located in the Hudson Valley of NY.

The very first Body Stones were made and sold out of Kate’s kitchen in Brooklyn. Eventually, we expanded into our own production facility in Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn. We nicknamed it the “Butter Atelier” after cocoa butter, the Body Stones’ main ingredient. Thanks to incredible customers like you, we outgrew this space and recently moved the Butter Atelier into a space known as “The Chocolate Factory” in the Hudson Valley.

The Chocolate Factory was built in 1888 by Baker Chocolate and now houses small businesses of every shape and flavor. Given our cocoa butter based formulations and Kate’s background as a pastry chef, it feels like home already.

The Butter Atelier is an active production facility and currently closed to visitors. However, if you are in the Hudson Valley area and interested in placing an order for pick up, please e-mail atelier@katemcleod.com and we will do our best to assist you. We look forward to resuming private workshops and consultations in the future when it feels safe to do so.


Kate creating a body stone made of 5 core ingredients cocoa butterThe Butter Atelier
Bundling and packaging Stones
Stacks of our Body Stones in their reusable bamboo canisters