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Photograph of Kate McLeod dry brush on white background. Made of warm bamboo, the Dry Brush is circular and echoes the rounded shape of Kate's iconic Body Stone solid moisturizers.
Photograph of founder Kate McLeod using the Dry Brush in her bathroom.
Photograph of Kate McLeod Dry Brush that showcases its speckled blend of ethically sourced horse hair and sisal.
Photograph of Kate McLeod Dry Brush resting on our signature bamboo canister.
Photograph of the Dry Brush in use on legs.

The Dry Brush

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Perfectly Paired: the Dry Brush is the Body Stone’s other half.  It exfoliates and primes the skin for optimal absorption of the Body Stone’s nourishing ingredients. A speckled blend of horse hair and sisal, the bristles are firm but soft, providing the proper support for stimulating exfoliation, cell renewal, and detoxification while remaining gentle on the skin. No ouch-y moments here. Use daily for an extra magic moment of self care.


Body Stones are made to melt on contact with your skin, which means they can also melt when exposed to extreme heat. We recommend reviewing our Summer Weather Advisory and closely monitoring shipping updates to ensure your item arrives in optimal condition.
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What is it?

Dry brushing has many benefits: softer, brighter skin primed for moisturization; increased circulation; efficient lymphatic drainage and detoxification; boosted energy; and stress relief.

Brush from outwards in, from your fingers and toes upwards towards your heart. Use short gentle strokes or small clockwise rotations. Brush for 3 to 5 minutes; harsh exfoliation is not the goal. Start slow, start gently. Experiment and find out what feels good for you. Kate personally loves to focus on her bum and the backs of her thighs.

  • Sustainably farmed bamboo
  • Ethically sourced
Photograph of the Dry Brush sitting on top of a folded gray towel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Geri R.
Love the daily stone!

I ordered the mini set as I wanted to experience all of the scents before choosing a favorite. I also ordered the dry brush. I love how it makes my skin feel. So, I just ordered the full size daily stone and the bamboo holder! I love doing this little spa routine.
Thanks Kate!

Marie B.
The Dry Brush completes the spa effect

On the evenings when I use the dry brush, shower, and then smooth on the body stone, I feel like I've given myself a spa treatment. The dry brush leaves my skin feeling smoother, and it's great for avoiding in-grown hairs on my legs. I use it on my legs, butt, tops of my arms, and shoulders. I only wish there was an attachment so I could use it on my back (hint, hint to Kate ;-)).

jolene g.
Amazing 🙌🏼

Love the dry brush. I look forward to using it because it feels so good and makes my skin feel so good. I feel like my skin looks better and more youthful since I’ve been using the lotion stone and the dry brush.

Wife Loves It!

Couldn't be happier with the purchase and products!

Mary S.
Love it

It gently exfoliates your body and gives your exfoliating body wash a double shot at working. My skin feels 2 times softer.